About Me

About me, Jisu, creator of NatruelyWell

Welcome! And thank you so much for stopping by!

My name is Jisu Kim, and I’m the creator of NatruelyWell. I’m so, so happy you’re here.

Born in the USA and raised under strictly Korean parents, I struggled a lot with my identity and where I belonged. Learning two languages and cultures at the same time resulted in a lot of confusion growing up. But now, I’m grateful for this life experience because it led me to my current career as a translator and interpreter.

Before I found this gratitude, though, I needed a way to optimize my life for happiness, joy, and real connection with people and the world. So, what did I do? I majored in Psychology during undergrad, hoping to learn something about my mind as well as other people. Then I adopted ideas from decluttering and minimalism to simplify my life and lighten my baggage (both physical and emotional!). And finally, sustainability and meditation came along, further subtracting the burden I carried with me so I can find a pace that I can maintain long-term. I even worked as a meditation guide for a while!

All these things taught me how to make life a little easier to manage, and I started this blog to share my discoveries along my journey with the hope that they will help you find some more happiness, simplicity, and joy in your life also.

About NatruelyWell

NatruelyWell was born from everything I learned from my experiences and all that I strive to be:

  • Na (나): This is the Korean word for “me” or “I.” It got incorporated into the name of my blog because my Korean heritage is a big part of who I am.
  • True: I want to be true to myself, true to you, true to everyone, and true to the world.
  • Well: I’ve always been deeply interested in health and wellness. This includes physical, mental, and emotional wellness.
  • Truly well: The end goal of everything I do—be truly happy and well.
  • Nature: I love nature and try to be sustainable and eco-friendly whenever I can.
  • Naturally well: I prefer a holistic, natural lifestyle and try to be conscious of this when purchasing anything.

Hence, NatruelyWell.

Why “self-care by subtraction”?

As they say, “less is more.” Decluttering, minimalism, and meditation—all concepts that ask for some form of subtraction from my life—were the ways I found better health, more happiness, and true belonging and connection.

If any part of my story resonates with you or you’re curious about how subtracting can actually add to your life, please feel free to subscribe, share my blog, or email me!

—Jisu Kim